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Insights to Secure a Healthy Financial Future

What Stock Should I buy? | Part One Thumbnail

What Stock Should I buy? | Part One

Have you ever wanted to invest but don't know how to start? In this video, we hope to provide you with the preliminary concepts you should know before you invest. This video covers systematic and unsystematic risk, the difference between price and value, and time frame. Turn on your notification button and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on our upcoming video series on how to invest. Happy Investing!

Will Social Security Run out in 2034? Thumbnail

Will Social Security Run out in 2034?

In June 2022, the OASDI board of trustees released their annual report regarding social security and disability. In their report they estimated that the social security trust fund—the left over revenue-generated from social security taxes—will deplete in 2034. Here are some ways this might affect our social security benefits in the future.

The Perfect Squat Thumbnail

The Perfect Squat

Much has been learned about investor behavior since the introduction of MPT. Following its prescriptive process is no longer enough because behavioral biases, much like physiology, is an immutable condition.